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LabVIEW开发环境提供了两种方式保护程序原始码的安全性,一个是设定VI的密码.另一个是移除VI的Block Diagram ,也就是VI的程序逻辑部分.
NI官方网站的说明也非常详细可以参考” Security of LabVIEW VI Password Protection vs. Removing VI Block Diagrams ” ,虽然此篇文章并没有明确指出Password Protect VI加密的演算法类型,怀疑使用了RSA方式加密, RSA非常难于破解,但是事无绝对RSA目前已被证实可经由碰撞而产生另一组解,因此并非完美的加密方式,官方文章也提到Password Protect VI的加密流程也可能因LabVIEW本身程序码被逆向工程,跳过了判断验证密码的程序导致即使加密,却被轻松破解的结果。 labview 忘记密码,labivew 密码忘了,问问QQ:1425939287。 因此NI提供了Removing Block Diagram VI的方式,让该VI只保存人机介面与编译过的Binary Code.此方式仍被破解的可能性只有对方能解读该Binary Code在该平台(x86 …etc)对应的逻辑,因效益太低可能性微乎其微,因该不会有人会想做这种事情.此方式的缺点是该VI仅能提供同样的LabVIEW版本与使用的平台环境,例如abc.vi是在LabVIEW 2012,x86 Win7底下进行Removing Block Diagram后, abc.vi未来只能在LabVIEW 2012,x86 Win7的环境下被呼叫使用,因此若要支持多个版本,则须提供相对应的 Removing Block Diagram VI的流程如下:
1.建立一个vi,范例用一个简单的加法运算,并加入专案 labview 密码破解, labview 忘记密码,labivew 密码忘了,问问QQ:1425939287
2.在专案的Builed Specifications项目右键选择New,然后再选择Source Distribution.
3.在Source File选项中将目标abc.vi设为Always Included.
4.在source File Settings选项中点到 ,然后在右边选单会有个Remove block diagram ,把这个选项打勾.
(后面会再多做一个连Remove front panel打勾的比较)
5.之后点Build按钮后就会生成不含Block Diagram的vi了.由上图可以比较一下
abc.vi为原始vi…… 13KB
abc_RemovingBlackDiagram.vi为移除Block Diagram….. ..6KB
abc_RemovAnything.vi为移除Front Panel与Block Diagram…… 3KB
6.将移除Block Diagram的vi拿到另外一台电脑上用LabVIEW 2013的环境打开就会跳出这个画面, 底下红色框框里显说Block Diagram已被移除,因此LabVIEW 2013无法进行转换.
接着用之前文章 提到的程序稍微修改一下​​,可以读取储存vi的每个部分,简单说明几个部分的名字代表的意义(猜的),

labview 密码破解, labview 忘记密码,labivew 密码忘了,问问QQ:1425939287

VICD = VI compiled Data , 这是该vi程序码compile 成machine code的资料.
BDPW = Block Diagram PassWord ,这是该vi被设Password Protect VI后的密码生成RSA存放的位置,前32 byte就是该vi被设密码后的RSA值,后面64 byte可能用来计算vi资料是否遭窜改或毁损(猜的)
FPHb , FPSE为Front Panel资料,详细意义不明
BDHb , BDSE为Block Diagram资料 ,详细意义不明
可以看到VICD并未改变, BDHb , BDSE都被移除.
上面这张图是 与 abc_RemovingBlackDiagram.vi的比较
可以看到VICD并未改变, FPHb , FPSE和其他一些东西都被移除.
1.Password Protect VI极有可能用RSA加密算法
2.Removing Block Diagram VI无法还原成可编辑的vi
3.就保护程序码而言Removing Block Diagram VI比Password Protect VI来的安全,但使用此vi进行开发非常不方便.

At present, Ranger has completed three rounds of round A, B and B+ rounds of financing. The accumulated financing scale has exceeded US$1.25 billion, and the overall valuation has reached US$3.35 billion. It is currently in the leading position of new vehicle manufacturers. Constantly financing and introducing talents, with the capital and technology in place, can the new forces of car construction be able to sit back and relax?

How is the development of the Ranger car?

On March 31 this year, Ranger Motor announced that the B-round financing amounted to RMB 5 billion, and was jointly invested by 12 institutions including Qianhai Wutong, China Environmental Protection Industry Co., Ltd. and Zhongchuang Ocean. Prior to this, the Ranger had completed the A round of 1.22 billion financing in October 2017, and the leading investors were Xinhua Silk Road Fund, Jingxing Tiancheng and other investment institutions. The cumulative financing of the three rounds of the A, B and B+ rounds exceeded US$1.25 billion, and the overall valuation reached US$3.35 billion.

Ranger Motor was founded in 2014. In July 2015, Ranger released the first four-door electric coupe - Ranger X. The car accelerates to 5.6s per 100km, and the battery uses Panasonic's 18650 ternary lithium battery. The 85kWh version has a cruising range of 460km, and the fast charge can provide 270km of battery life in half an hour. The 40kW and 60kW versions will be launched in mass production, with a range of 220km and 330km respectively. However, the Ranger's production car has not seen the echo, until the afternoon of March 31 this year, at the media communication meeting of the Ranger car, Chairman Wei Jun personally confirmed that its first production car will be officially released in the second half of this year.

In the construction of the production line, since last year, the Ranger has also started to build its own factory. In April 2017, the first factory of Ranger Auto officially settled in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The production base is located in the northern part of Wuxing District, Huzhou City, south of Taihu Lake, covering an area of ​​2,600 acres. According to official information, the plant is planned to be a “1+5+1” layout, namely a mainframe factory with complete four major processes, five core supporting enterprises, and one R&D pilot testing center with a planned annual production capacity of 200,000 units. The production capacity can reach 100,000 units. In October 2017, the factory has officially started construction. It is expected to be completed by the end of this year, and will be put into mass production in the second quarter of 2019 to complete the delivery of the new car.

Speaking of the production version of Ranger's car, the Ranger X, before the start-up car enterprise to get billions of financing, and the car-making big hand and other eye-catching action, the Ranger car performance is flat! Since the factory built last year, The Ranger also seems to be returning to the public eye.

The Ranger car was once used as a negative textbook for PPT cars! After its founding in Shanghai in 2014, the original founder Huang Xiuyuan was not only a continuous entrepreneur, but also a Tesla admirer. He was 3 million angels in his early days. After the investment, it is used for the development of vehicle and vehicle systems. In 2015, Ranger's first product, Ranger X, has been publicly unveiled, and Tesla looks really like it. The founder Huang Xiuyuan did not shy away from saying that the Ranger car is imitating Tesla, to be the Chinese version of Tesla. At that time, China’s new energy auto market, the new power of building cars has not blossomed everywhere. I have to admit that the Ranger car at that time really took advantage of the many advantages of Tesla. At least when many companies still stayed in the concept of making cars, the Ranger had already made a real car.

However, the good times are not long. After a few months, in December 2015, the Ranger car reported that it was going to be a squad. In the end, Wei Jun, chairman of Xituo Industrial, who is welcoming a partner and focusing on industrial electrification, joined the Ranger with funds and team, and served as the chairman of the Ranger, directly responsible for the planning and layout of the future mass production of the Ranger. After a series of grand planning, the Ranger car began to make progress. This year, after completing the B round of financing of 5 billion, the super factory will be established. Now, the B+ round of financing will be completed again. With the gradual maturity of technology and the availability of funds, can the Ranger car be able to sit back and relax? What challenges are there?

With the technology and funds in place, the Ranger can sit back and relax?

At present, the super factory in the construction of the Ranger is completely designed and constructed for the pure electric vehicle production line platform. It adopts the full corridor transmission design consistent with the BMW factory, solar roof array distribution, wireless charging test runway, closed circuit water circulation system and power battery integration. Recycling and other technologies. In addition, the number of robots used by the Ranger Super Factory is 680. In the four major processes, the automation rate of stamping, welding and painting intelligent workshops can reach more than 95%.

The Ranger and the foreign chassis engineering company jointly completed the chassis development of the first production car. It is reported that Ranger has assembled nearly 500 suppliers, including Samsung, Bosch, China, LG, Mobileye, Panasonic, ZF, and Valeo. A series of car-prepared work, the Ranger car has been prepared almost the same, it is very different from the past.

However, with the new forces in the car, Xiaopeng Automobile's B-round financing has reached 6.2 billion yuan, and the accumulated financing has exceeded 10 billion yuan. In addition, Xiaopeng plans to raise 30 billion yuan by the end of 2019; Weilai Automobile is now also It is planned to go to the US to raise funds of 1.8 billion US dollars... Li Bin once said that building a car is a game of burning money. After the capitals have settled in, the money may not be able to do well.

Edit Comment:

Among the teams that are currently building new forces, there are a large number of companies that lack money and are not short of money. Each product has different product positioning and different talent reserves. From the current situation, the Ranger seems to have prepared for product trial production, production line construction, supply chain construction, financing, team, and government cooperation. As Wei Jun, chairman of Ranger Motors, said this year will be the year of the Ranger car outbreak! It is also the key year for other new forces to build cars!

However, because the Ranger car has not yet obtained the production qualification, and the production qualification needs to be applied simultaneously at the time of the product inspection cycle, the super factory can not be shut down at the current stage of the production qualification, and the completed factory construction is completed as scheduled. According to the plan to complete mass production, these have to wait for time to observe. Can you tear off the label of the PPT car and reshape the image in people's minds? The Ranger still faces great challenges!

Recently, the Ministry of Information and Development Commission jointly issued the expansion and upgrading of the three-year Plan of Action (2018-2020). The plan proposed that by 2020, the scale of information consumption reached 6 trillion yuan, an annual growth of more than 11%. The leading role of information technology in the field of consumption has significantly increased, driving related areas of output up to 15 trillion yuan.

There are brokerage research report that the cloud to greet the three major positive, PAAs or to meet the inflection point.
Technology Test City

Friday the market opened low, in the yin adjustment, turnover slightly atrophy; stocks up and down more than 1:8, the pharmaceutical plate all killed, building materials, home appliances and many other plates fell, only the coal stocks alone; Some private-equity people believe that, following the Thursday Shanghai Composite Index to create a new low, Friday Shen Chengzhi, SME board and Gem refers to synchronization to create a new low, and these indices are in the passivation state, the trend of coordination between the indices.

In addition to the daily passivation of the main indices, and the 60, 90 and 120-minute lines are all passivated, that is, the multiple-cycle structural resonance. Multi-exponential and multiple-cycle structural coordination and resonance are rare; only one yang line is needed, and the multiple-cycle divergence structure is formed.

In addition to the multiple-period structural resonance, the Shen Chengzhi, for example, also shows a multiple-period sequence resonance: 90 minute nine rpm low 9, 120 minute line low 8, 2nd line low 8, early next week especially next Monday is an important point. Hope is often created in despair, without fear, and opportunity is coming. Strategy, the light warehouse continue to low suction, firm confidence.

Pay attention to the number of micro-letter, micro-letter Search "Road Tatsu number" or "daoda1997" for you to present a hot market.
Hot Plate Recently, the Ministry of Industry and Development Commission issued the "Expansion and promotion of information consumption three years of Action plan (2018-2020)", Ministry of Industry promulgated the "Promotion of Corporate Cloud Implementation Guide (2018-2020)." Policy-intensive promulgation to promote industrial development. The information consumption requirements to 2020, the scale of 6 trillion yuan, an annual growth of more than 11%.

The leading role of information technology in the field of consumption has significantly increased, driving related areas of output up to 15 trillion yuan.

Tian Feng Securities said: 1 Three-year action plan for information consumption to raise higher requirements, it is expected that the support for information consumption will be greater and wider, the policy dividend is obvious; 2 cloud computing is one of the most important foothold, millions of enterprises on the cloud will promote cloud computing penetration rate accelerated increase, 3 Internet medical, business-to-business electric power will also benefit. Days Wind securities think the IaaS field is more mature, the giant layout is extensive, SaaS subdivision area easy to cow stock. PAAs overall development level is not high, the choice of stock index is limited.

1 IaaS Level: More giants of the game, from the industrial chain logic, optimistic about the provision of cloud computing IaaS infrastructure (server, storage, network, etc.) of the enterprise or provide IDC services enterprises. 2 PAAs level: the domestic current overall development level is not high. However, the solution is provided, and the user can save on hardware costs.

3 SaaS level: Because of the U.S. advantage in the information field, it is difficult for China to produce its own salseforce, and more SaaS opportunities come from the subdivision area. Gototimes Securities said that after the speed of communication infrastructure, the layout should be in the main equipment, optical communications, cloud computing. Communication infrastructure is the cornerstone and will be the first to benefit. Security Securities and New era securities, the world's most developed cloud computing, the development of its various segments will be accelerated again.

Pay attention to the number of micro-letter, micro-letter Search "Road Tatsu number" or "daoda1997" for you to present a hot market.
Plate Nuggets 1) Soochow Securities recommended Ufida Network: In the newspaper a sharp profit, cloud revenue growth of 141%, the domestic public cloud SaaS market accounted for the first. Software + cloud business growth accelerates.

The second half of NC Cloud released perfect corporate cloud products, the company for large/medium/small enterprises cloud products will be complete. 2) Chuan-Choi securities the most precious letter software: China IDC market growth compared to the global faster, 2017 global growth of 18.3%, China's growth rate of 32.4%.

Company IDC business has a natural advantage, business gross profit margin than the market average level. 3) Societe Generale recommended the subject of various subdivision areas: the object of the IaaS includes: Violet shares, wave information, Yi Hua, Bao letter software, the dawn of the department; SaaS targets include: stone-matrix information, wide-reach, pan-micro network, hyper-map software, Ufida network; the PAAs layer in the domestic relatively prominent companies are: deep conviction, Ufida network,

Faraday Future will issue an invitation to hold an internal tasting of the flagship model FF19 at 14:30 pm on August 15. If the tasting will open the test drive, the outside world may be able to obtain further information on the car's static interior and dynamic driving texture.

Jia Yueting's FF91 is the first domestic test today; Apple recruits new custom chips; Ethereum price drops 20% a day | Lei Feng Morning Post

Image from the new trip

In addition, Evergrande Health also announced that Faraday Future has set up its operational headquarters in China and will build five R&D and production bases in East China, West China, South China, North China and Central China in the next decade, with the goal of achieving an annual production capacity of 5 million in ten years. Car. Evergrande Health also stressed that the FF91 vehicle assembly work, including all kinds of rigorous tests including engineering tests, is also being promoted in parallel to ensure that the FF91 achieves the goal of mass production on time in the first quarter of 2019.

Jia Yueting's FF91 is the first domestic test today; Apple recruits new custom chips; Ethereum price drops 20% a day | Lei Feng Morning Post

In addition to the FF91, Faraday Future and FF81 and other multi-series models are available to the global market, covering high-end, mid-range and entry-level to meet different user groups.

Domestic News

"Beijing X Plan" first introduced mobile phone manufacturers Jingdong Xiaomi reached strategic cooperation

On August 14, Jingdong and Xiaomi jointly released the “Kingmi Plan”. The two parties will combine Jingdong’s e-commerce capabilities with Xiaomi’s MIUI system-level capabilities to create a more accurate and efficient marketing ecosystem and empower the brand on the Jingdong platform. Merchants, providing users with a better service experience.

Jia Yueting's FF91 is the first domestic test today; Apple recruits new custom chips; Ethereum price drops 20% a day | Lei Feng Morning Post

The two parties will improve the marketing accuracy in the following three aspects: First, through the rice flour's interest characteristics, user behavior and Jingdong's user image complement each other, to understand the user's needs; secondly, based on the "user & merchandise" combination dimension on the click rate estimate Technology, to achieve personalized recommendation of goods to people, to achieve intelligent delivery and accurate marketing; Finally, in addition to basic advertising data tracking, you can also track user preferences, shopping behaviors, etc. based on Xiaomi mobile ecosystem to track the effect of the whole network.

China Mobile completes end-to-end 5G testing in Hong Kong

According to Lei Feng. China Mobile announced that it is the first network provider in Hong Kong to successfully complete end-to-end 5G network testing using 5G CPE. Since 5G smartphones will not be launched until the second half of 2019, early 5G networks are expected to provide Wi-Fi connectivity for 5G applications through CPE. When 5G spectrum is officially released in Hong Kong, China Mobile's 5G network in Hong Kong will be users. Provide a full service.

China Mobile said it has successfully used the 28GHz millimeter wave spectrum in a static environment. The current maximum data transfer speed is 14 Gbps, which is much higher than the 2 x 2 MIMO technology test results (8 Gbps) previously released by other mobile operators. In addition, when using the 3.5 GHz spectrum (100 MHz bandwidth), the highest data transfer speed tested in an indoor environment can reach 700 Mbps.

In addition, China Mobile plans to establish a 28GHz 5G network for field testing at selected locations in Hong Kong, China before the end of the year.

Shenzhou digital software executives exchanged blood: Guo Wei's outgoing chairman Guo Jingshen took over

Jia Yueting's FF91 is the first domestic test today; Apple recruits new custom chips; Ethereum price drops 20% a day | Lei Feng Morning Post

Screenshot of personnel changes, from Beijing Enterprise Credit Information Network

On the afternoon of August 14, the Shanghai Clearing House released a statement on the personnel changes of the Digital China Software on August 9. According to Digital China Software, the company's chairman, directors and general manager have changed due to business management needs. The former chairman of the company was Guo Wei, the directors were Li Yang and Xin Wei, the chairman of the board was Guo Jingshen, and the director was Sun Yang. , Niu Zhuo, Sun Yang is the general manager.

Digital China Software stated that the above personnel changes do not have a significant impact on the company's daily management, production operations and solvency, and the validity of the company's board of directors remains unchanged. The company promises to do a good job in information disclosure in strict accordance with the regulations.

Lilac Garden and Keda Xunfei reached a deep strategic cooperation

Recently, the Lilac Garden teamed up with the University of Science and Technology to sign a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai. The specific cooperation mode between the two parties will be divided into three stages: the docking of basic functions, the deepening of doctor-patient services, and the landing of business models.

Jia Yueting's FF91 is the first domestic test today; Apple recruits new custom chips; Ethereum price drops 20% a day | Lei Feng Morning Post

Clove Garden believes that building a complete integrated platform for doctors and patients requires four key steps. Doctor education, medical interaction, doctor-patient interaction, and patient management are all indispensable. On this basis, if it can be supplemented by AI means, empowering doctors and serving patients, the integration of doctors and patients will be realized faster and better.

Lu Xiaoliang, CEO of Keda Xunfei Medical, also spoke highly of the cooperation with the Lilac Garden. "Artificial intelligence has a very broad prospect in the development of the medical industry, but the variety of diseases and complex human body structure have put forward higher professional requirements for medical AI. Clove Garden and Keda Xunfei are the best medical platforms and artificial intelligence in the industry. The company, the two sides can achieve complementary advantages. I am confident that through the cooperation of the two sides, we will open up new areas for the application of smart medical care."

international News

Recruitment exposure Apple is exploring the development of custom chips to process health information

According to Reuters Beijing time on August 15, the recruitment information released by Apple shows that it has a team exploring the development of a custom chip to better handle the health information from the sensors in its devices. The development of custom-made chips with limited functionality will help Apple add new features to the device, improve hardware efficiency, and protect its intellectual property to prevent other companies from imitating new features.

"We will be hiring sensor ASIC architects to help develop ASICs for Apple's future product sensors and sensor systems," said the Apple Health Sensing Hardware team's job advertisement.

It is unclear which indicators these sensors will be used to detect and appear to be used to detect human physiological indicators. According to the recruitment information released by the Apple Health Sensing Hardware Team on August 1, it hopes to hire an engineer to “help develop health and fitness sensors”. The recruitment information for June shows that the team is developing technologies related to optical sensors. The current Apple Watch incorporates an optical sensor for detecting heart rate.

Kirin 980 detailed parameter exposure, some parameters are doubtful

According to previous news, Huawei will hold a new product launch conference at the IFA exhibition held in Berlin, Germany on August 31. Yesterday, the parameter map of Kirin 980 was exposed on the Internet. According to the exposure picture, Kirin 980 adopts 7nm process, quad core design of quad-core Cortex-A77+ quad-core Cortex A55, the highest frequency is 2.8GHz, integrated Mali-G72 MP24, camera supports up to 3 ISP graphics processor, screen resolution The rate is up to 4K and supports Bluetooth 5.0.

Jia Yueting's FF91 is the first domestic test today; Apple recruits new custom chips; Ethereum price drops 20% a day | Lei Feng Morning Post

Image from Fengchao Technology

Most of this parameter map is still in line with the previous news, but there are still some doubts. Arm's current CPU core is the Cortex-A76. The Kirin 960 and Kirin 970 use the Cortex-A73. The Kirin 980 skips the Cortex-A75 and A76 and uses the Cortex-A77 directly. In the GPU part, Kirin SoC's consistent strategy is to reduce the frequency of the high-frequency, while the Samsung Exynos is a multi-core low-frequency. If the Kirin 980 uses the Mali-G72 MP24 on the GPU core, the visible core is almost not upgraded compared to the Kirin 970, but the core number is increased. This possibility is not particularly large.

Qualcomm and Taiwan's antitrust litigation settlement promises to invest 700 million US dollars in the next five years

Qualcomm recently reached a settlement agreement with Taiwan's antitrust agency. As part of the agreement, Qualcomm will invest $700 million over the next five years to promote research and commercial activities in Taiwan. The commission said it will retain THB 2.73 billion (US$ 89 million) fines that Qualcomm has already paid and will be exempt from the remaining fines. It is reported that the original fine amount of up to 23.4 billion Taiwan dollars, as an exchange of agreements, Qualcomm can not pay a fine, and retain its right to levy patent royalties to mobile phone manufacturers.

Jia Yueting's FF91 is the first domestic test today; Apple recruits new custom chips; Ethereum price drops 20% a day | Lei Feng Morning Post

Due to the huge fine of 23.4 billion Taiwan dollars, Qualcomm only paid a fine of 2.73 billion Taiwan dollars. The subsequent fines will not be paid. It is reported that MediaTek is unfair. Of course, Qualcomm's conditions are to increase investment in Taiwan, provide 5G technical cooperation, and set up an operation center in Taiwan.

The price of Ethereum fell by 20% in a day, hitting a new low in the year, and shrinking by 80% from the peak.

In the past week, the price of Ethereum has continued to fall. Yesterday, the Ethereum plunged 20%, and the lowest hit 257 US dollars, a record low this year. Compared with the highest point of $1,295 this year, the price of Ethereum has shrunk by more than 80%. Affected by this, yesterday's top ten currencies in the digital currency market were all spared, and fell across the board, with multiple single-day declines exceeding 10%.

The mainstream voice in the industry believes that the Ethereum blockchain project will focus on selling Ethereum, institutional panic selling, and lack of market confidence, which is an important reason for this round of decline.

Intel revealed another set of processor vulnerabilities today

Lei Feng News, Intel today revealed another set of processor vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to steal information stored on a computer or a third-party cloud. The vulnerability was discovered by some researchers and reported to Intel in January, which included three variants, the L1TF or the L1 Terminal Fault. In a blog post, Intel said that in conjunction with the updates released earlier this year, new updates released today should protect most users from exploits. Two of these are mitigated by existing updates, but the third affects only a subset of users, such as certain data centers - and may require additional steps.

Researchers who discovered vulnerabilities described a way to exploit exploits, which they called Foresthadow. L1TF affects Intel's Software Protection Extension (SGX) capabilities, and researchers say that after Meltdown and Spectre are discovered, the next step is to focus on SGX. "When you're sure that Spectre and Meltdown aren't broken, SGX is one of the few things left," said Daniel Genkin, a system security researcher who contributed to Forestadow's discovery, to Wired.

DeepMind launches AI to detect over 50 eye diseases with a diagnostic accuracy of 94%

Researchers at Google's subsidiary DeepMind, University College London and Moorfields Eye Hospital have designed a software that uses deep learning techniques to identify dozens of common eye diseases and provide recommendations for treatment through 3D scanning.

Jia Yueting's FF91 is the first domestic test today; Apple recruits new custom chips; Ethereum price drops 20% a day | Lei Feng Morning Post

This project is the result of years of cooperation between the above three agencies. Although the software has not been clinically tested, it does not take too long to be actually applied to medical treatment. Mustafa Suleyman, head of DemMind Health, said in a media statement that the program can help patients with visual impairments around the world to have timely diagnosis and treatment.

The findings were published in a paper in the journal Nature Medicine.

What does the mass production of the world's first 7-nanometer chip mean? What is the significance of the Chinese chip industry?

A person in the semiconductor industry said that Jia Nan's 7-nanometer chip can be said to be leading in chip design for special applications, but the complexity is far too far compared with Qualcomm chips and even Hisilicon chips.

Let's first look at what is a 7nm chip.

The so-called 7-nanometer chip refers to the line width of the chip process is 7 nm. How small is 7 nanometers? A hair has a diameter of about 0.1 mm, and 7 nanometers is equivalent to one ten thousandth of the hair.

The development of the chip industry follows Moore's Law. Moore's Law believes that the number of transistors on a chip will double every 18-24 months, and the performance of the chip will double every two years. For the chip manufacturing process, the smaller the line width, the more difficult it is. The most advanced process is 7 nanometers of TSMC. TSMC is also the only manufacturer to mass produce 7-nanometer chips. The most advanced technology of Samsung's chip factory is 10 nanometers. Intel's 10 nanometer process ticket has not yet been mass-produced.

Apple's new generation of chips, Huawei's new generation of chips will use 7-nanometer process, and will be handed over to TSMC current sheet manufacturing. However, Apple and HiSilicon's 7-nanometer chips have not yet been mass-produced, and Jianan's 7-nanometer chips have taken the lead in mass production.

On August 8th, Mr. Tu Songhua, Director of Public Affairs Department of Jianan Zhizhi said at the press conference: "The world's first 7-nanometer chip was successfully developed and mass-produced. This is not only a chip in the blockchain, but also the first 7 nanometer in semiconductor. The chip is mass-produced earlier than Apple, Intel, Huawei, etc."

From the point of view, it is indeed earlier than the giants such as Apple, Intel, Huawei, etc., but the manufacturing difficulty is completely incomparable.

Chen Guanglei, secretary general of the Zhejiang Semiconductor Industry Association, said in an interview with the media: "General-purpose chips produced by giants such as Apple, Huawei, and Qualcomm must meet the comprehensive performance, make development more difficult, have higher input costs, and have longer development cycles. The performance requirements of dedicated chips are much simpler, and design and production are relatively simple."

According to the above-mentioned semiconductor industry, Jianan's 7-nanometer chip is used for single-repetition calculation on the mining machine. Therefore, the design should be simpler. "How many functions do you need in a mobile phone chip? Putting it in a small chip, the design is much more difficult."

However, Tu Songhua said that the first mass production of advanced processes is originally required to be led by a purely specialized chip. "In the past, it was a memory chip, and later an FPGA. Now it is a mining chip and a TPU, and the importance of the first mass production. It is to prove that the yield of logic transistors has reached mass production, which is a very important indicator for the fab (TSMC)."

Chen Guanglei also believes that a company designed and developed a 7-nanometer integrated circuit can still reflect its technical level. "Under normal circumstances, 7-nanometer chips can only be designed and produced by large-scale enterprises. Now small enterprises in Zhejiang can also do it. The meaning."

As a mining chip maker, Jianan's 7-nanometer chip will be used in the blockchain supercomputing device "Avalon" A9, which calculates and acquires digital assets in the blockchain network - " Bitcoin". "Bitcoin" as a virtual currency, people carry out repeated calculations through computer hardware, people also call computing equipment "mining machine", the whole calculation process is "mining".

Since the price of bitcoin has fallen this year, “mining” has become more and more sluggish, and some people have heard about the news of “mining”. Mainly because the "mining machine" consumes a lot of electricity during "mining", this part of the cost becomes a burden, and the difficulty of mining is getting higher and higher.

Therefore, the development of more energy-efficient and more powerful mining machines is urgent for the “mining” industry. According to reports, Jia Nan Zhi Zhi 7 nanometer chip has the highest computing power density, lower cost and greater capacity, low power consumption, high temperature resistance and high yield.

"Jia Nan Zhizhi is still very professional in the field of mining machine chips, and their chip computing power is the first." The semiconductor industry said.

It is generally understood that the entire chip industry chain includes four major links: design, manufacturing, packaging, and testing. In addition, it also derives related supporting industries including integrated circuit equipment manufacturing and key material production.

In this industry chain, Tianfeng Securities' research report pointed out that in the field of chip design integration, China's integration capability should belong to the world's advanced level. The top two companies in the domestic chip design (Haisi and Ziguang Zhan Rui) entered the top ten in the global design industry.

However, in the basic fields of chip manufacturing technology, integrated circuit equipment manufacturing, and key material production, there is still a big gap with the world's advanced level.