Faraday Future will issue an invitation to hold an internal tasting of the flagship model FF19 at 14:30 pm on August 15. If the tasting will open the test drive, the outside world may be able to obtain further information on the car's static interior and dynamic driving texture.

Jia Yueting's FF91 is the first domestic test today; Apple recruits new custom chips; Ethereum price drops 20% a day | Lei Feng Morning Post

Image from the new trip

In addition, Evergrande Health also announced that Faraday Future has set up its operational headquarters in China and will build five R&D and production bases in East China, West China, South China, North China and Central China in the next decade, with the goal of achieving an annual production capacity of 5 million in ten years. Car. Evergrande Health also stressed that the FF91 vehicle assembly work, including all kinds of rigorous tests including engineering tests, is also being promoted in parallel to ensure that the FF91 achieves the goal of mass production on time in the first quarter of 2019.

Jia Yueting's FF91 is the first domestic test today; Apple recruits new custom chips; Ethereum price drops 20% a day | Lei Feng Morning Post

In addition to the FF91, Faraday Future and FF81 and other multi-series models are available to the global market, covering high-end, mid-range and entry-level to meet different user groups.

Domestic News

"Beijing X Plan" first introduced mobile phone manufacturers Jingdong Xiaomi reached strategic cooperation

On August 14, Jingdong and Xiaomi jointly released the “Kingmi Plan”. The two parties will combine Jingdong’s e-commerce capabilities with Xiaomi’s MIUI system-level capabilities to create a more accurate and efficient marketing ecosystem and empower the brand on the Jingdong platform. Merchants, providing users with a better service experience.

Jia Yueting's FF91 is the first domestic test today; Apple recruits new custom chips; Ethereum price drops 20% a day | Lei Feng Morning Post

The two parties will improve the marketing accuracy in the following three aspects: First, through the rice flour's interest characteristics, user behavior and Jingdong's user image complement each other, to understand the user's needs; secondly, based on the "user & merchandise" combination dimension on the click rate estimate Technology, to achieve personalized recommendation of goods to people, to achieve intelligent delivery and accurate marketing; Finally, in addition to basic advertising data tracking, you can also track user preferences, shopping behaviors, etc. based on Xiaomi mobile ecosystem to track the effect of the whole network.

China Mobile completes end-to-end 5G testing in Hong Kong

According to Lei Feng. China Mobile announced that it is the first network provider in Hong Kong to successfully complete end-to-end 5G network testing using 5G CPE. Since 5G smartphones will not be launched until the second half of 2019, early 5G networks are expected to provide Wi-Fi connectivity for 5G applications through CPE. When 5G spectrum is officially released in Hong Kong, China Mobile's 5G network in Hong Kong will be users. Provide a full service.

China Mobile said it has successfully used the 28GHz millimeter wave spectrum in a static environment. The current maximum data transfer speed is 14 Gbps, which is much higher than the 2 x 2 MIMO technology test results (8 Gbps) previously released by other mobile operators. In addition, when using the 3.5 GHz spectrum (100 MHz bandwidth), the highest data transfer speed tested in an indoor environment can reach 700 Mbps.

In addition, China Mobile plans to establish a 28GHz 5G network for field testing at selected locations in Hong Kong, China before the end of the year.

Shenzhou digital software executives exchanged blood: Guo Wei's outgoing chairman Guo Jingshen took over

Jia Yueting's FF91 is the first domestic test today; Apple recruits new custom chips; Ethereum price drops 20% a day | Lei Feng Morning Post

Screenshot of personnel changes, from Beijing Enterprise Credit Information Network

On the afternoon of August 14, the Shanghai Clearing House released a statement on the personnel changes of the Digital China Software on August 9. According to Digital China Software, the company's chairman, directors and general manager have changed due to business management needs. The former chairman of the company was Guo Wei, the directors were Li Yang and Xin Wei, the chairman of the board was Guo Jingshen, and the director was Sun Yang. , Niu Zhuo, Sun Yang is the general manager.

Digital China Software stated that the above personnel changes do not have a significant impact on the company's daily management, production operations and solvency, and the validity of the company's board of directors remains unchanged. The company promises to do a good job in information disclosure in strict accordance with the regulations.

Lilac Garden and Keda Xunfei reached a deep strategic cooperation

Recently, the Lilac Garden teamed up with the University of Science and Technology to sign a strategic cooperation agreement in Shanghai. The specific cooperation mode between the two parties will be divided into three stages: the docking of basic functions, the deepening of doctor-patient services, and the landing of business models.

Jia Yueting's FF91 is the first domestic test today; Apple recruits new custom chips; Ethereum price drops 20% a day | Lei Feng Morning Post

Clove Garden believes that building a complete integrated platform for doctors and patients requires four key steps. Doctor education, medical interaction, doctor-patient interaction, and patient management are all indispensable. On this basis, if it can be supplemented by AI means, empowering doctors and serving patients, the integration of doctors and patients will be realized faster and better.

Lu Xiaoliang, CEO of Keda Xunfei Medical, also spoke highly of the cooperation with the Lilac Garden. "Artificial intelligence has a very broad prospect in the development of the medical industry, but the variety of diseases and complex human body structure have put forward higher professional requirements for medical AI. Clove Garden and Keda Xunfei are the best medical platforms and artificial intelligence in the industry. The company, the two sides can achieve complementary advantages. I am confident that through the cooperation of the two sides, we will open up new areas for the application of smart medical care."

international News

Recruitment exposure Apple is exploring the development of custom chips to process health information

According to Reuters Beijing time on August 15, the recruitment information released by Apple shows that it has a team exploring the development of a custom chip to better handle the health information from the sensors in its devices. The development of custom-made chips with limited functionality will help Apple add new features to the device, improve hardware efficiency, and protect its intellectual property to prevent other companies from imitating new features.

"We will be hiring sensor ASIC architects to help develop ASICs for Apple's future product sensors and sensor systems," said the Apple Health Sensing Hardware team's job advertisement.

It is unclear which indicators these sensors will be used to detect and appear to be used to detect human physiological indicators. According to the recruitment information released by the Apple Health Sensing Hardware Team on August 1, it hopes to hire an engineer to “help develop health and fitness sensors”. The recruitment information for June shows that the team is developing technologies related to optical sensors. The current Apple Watch incorporates an optical sensor for detecting heart rate.

Kirin 980 detailed parameter exposure, some parameters are doubtful

According to previous news, Huawei will hold a new product launch conference at the IFA exhibition held in Berlin, Germany on August 31. Yesterday, the parameter map of Kirin 980 was exposed on the Internet. According to the exposure picture, Kirin 980 adopts 7nm process, quad core design of quad-core Cortex-A77+ quad-core Cortex A55, the highest frequency is 2.8GHz, integrated Mali-G72 MP24, camera supports up to 3 ISP graphics processor, screen resolution The rate is up to 4K and supports Bluetooth 5.0.

Jia Yueting's FF91 is the first domestic test today; Apple recruits new custom chips; Ethereum price drops 20% a day | Lei Feng Morning Post

Image from Fengchao Technology

Most of this parameter map is still in line with the previous news, but there are still some doubts. Arm's current CPU core is the Cortex-A76. The Kirin 960 and Kirin 970 use the Cortex-A73. The Kirin 980 skips the Cortex-A75 and A76 and uses the Cortex-A77 directly. In the GPU part, Kirin SoC's consistent strategy is to reduce the frequency of the high-frequency, while the Samsung Exynos is a multi-core low-frequency. If the Kirin 980 uses the Mali-G72 MP24 on the GPU core, the visible core is almost not upgraded compared to the Kirin 970, but the core number is increased. This possibility is not particularly large.

Qualcomm and Taiwan's antitrust litigation settlement promises to invest 700 million US dollars in the next five years

Qualcomm recently reached a settlement agreement with Taiwan's antitrust agency. As part of the agreement, Qualcomm will invest $700 million over the next five years to promote research and commercial activities in Taiwan. The commission said it will retain THB 2.73 billion (US$ 89 million) fines that Qualcomm has already paid and will be exempt from the remaining fines. It is reported that the original fine amount of up to 23.4 billion Taiwan dollars, as an exchange of agreements, Qualcomm can not pay a fine, and retain its right to levy patent royalties to mobile phone manufacturers.

Jia Yueting's FF91 is the first domestic test today; Apple recruits new custom chips; Ethereum price drops 20% a day | Lei Feng Morning Post

Due to the huge fine of 23.4 billion Taiwan dollars, Qualcomm only paid a fine of 2.73 billion Taiwan dollars. The subsequent fines will not be paid. It is reported that MediaTek is unfair. Of course, Qualcomm's conditions are to increase investment in Taiwan, provide 5G technical cooperation, and set up an operation center in Taiwan.

The price of Ethereum fell by 20% in a day, hitting a new low in the year, and shrinking by 80% from the peak.

In the past week, the price of Ethereum has continued to fall. Yesterday, the Ethereum plunged 20%, and the lowest hit 257 US dollars, a record low this year. Compared with the highest point of $1,295 this year, the price of Ethereum has shrunk by more than 80%. Affected by this, yesterday's top ten currencies in the digital currency market were all spared, and fell across the board, with multiple single-day declines exceeding 10%.

The mainstream voice in the industry believes that the Ethereum blockchain project will focus on selling Ethereum, institutional panic selling, and lack of market confidence, which is an important reason for this round of decline.

Intel revealed another set of processor vulnerabilities today

Lei Feng News, Intel today revealed another set of processor vulnerabilities that could allow an attacker to steal information stored on a computer or a third-party cloud. The vulnerability was discovered by some researchers and reported to Intel in January, which included three variants, the L1TF or the L1 Terminal Fault. In a blog post, Intel said that in conjunction with the updates released earlier this year, new updates released today should protect most users from exploits. Two of these are mitigated by existing updates, but the third affects only a subset of users, such as certain data centers - and may require additional steps.

Researchers who discovered vulnerabilities described a way to exploit exploits, which they called Foresthadow. L1TF affects Intel's Software Protection Extension (SGX) capabilities, and researchers say that after Meltdown and Spectre are discovered, the next step is to focus on SGX. "When you're sure that Spectre and Meltdown aren't broken, SGX is one of the few things left," said Daniel Genkin, a system security researcher who contributed to Forestadow's discovery, to Wired.

DeepMind launches AI to detect over 50 eye diseases with a diagnostic accuracy of 94%

Researchers at Google's subsidiary DeepMind, University College London and Moorfields Eye Hospital have designed a software that uses deep learning techniques to identify dozens of common eye diseases and provide recommendations for treatment through 3D scanning.

Jia Yueting's FF91 is the first domestic test today; Apple recruits new custom chips; Ethereum price drops 20% a day | Lei Feng Morning Post

This project is the result of years of cooperation between the above three agencies. Although the software has not been clinically tested, it does not take too long to be actually applied to medical treatment. Mustafa Suleyman, head of DemMind Health, said in a media statement that the program can help patients with visual impairments around the world to have timely diagnosis and treatment.

The findings were published in a paper in the journal Nature Medicine.

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